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Meet The Board

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Kim Nguyen Bender  President


Profession: Software Project Manager and Team Lead 

Why I Support SIS: I survived Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer when I was 20 years old. Going through something like that, and surviving it, made me want to give back and help those locally dealing with any kind of cancer treatment. I can relate to their experience – battles of chemotherapy, life-changing decisions and maturity, and financial instabilities that run in parallel with the physical and emotional tolls. I wanted to shoulder that burden a little for someone else. Coming across a link to breast cancer led me to volunteer for SIS, a cause that helps others going through a similar fate. Just the smallest support can make such a difference in someone who is struggling to find hope and any ounce of optimism to carry them through the most difficult and unexplainable trials. I am so happy to be in a position where I can help others who are experiencing what I went through and would love to do what I can to touch the lives of more!

Kenneth Graci  Treasurer

                      Profession: Financial Planner 

Why I Support SIS: Ken is no stranger to giving back. In addition to lending his financial expertise to SIS in the board officer position of treasurer, he is also involved with other organizations in the community, including one organization dedicated to restoring dilapidated houses into livable homes for families in need. He serves on the board of directors of the local Financial Planning Association. At home, he loved spending time with his wife and family - for they are his most important investment

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Lizanne Zamites  Executive Director 

                          Profession: Human Resources Professional 

Why I Support SIS: SIS is about the patients. This disease knows no race, no gender, no economic status. Everyone knows someone impacted by breast cancer. My mother lost her battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma (cancer) at age 59, so I have seen first-hand the toll this disease takes on the patient and the impact on the family. Lizanne has been a volunteer with SIS since 2007, and on the board since 2013.  Originally from    Philadelphia, PA, Lizanne is a passionate sports fan with allegiances to the Super Bowl     Champions Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, and 76ers, as well as the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres.

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Dr. Marilyn Ling  Board Member

Profession: Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Rochester, and practices at Pluta Cancer Center. 

Why I Support SIS: She is known for being actively involved in finding the best treatment modalities and lifestyle modifications to help breast cancer patients cope with their situations, emerge from treatment as successfully as possible, and live their lives with a lessened threat of cancer recurrence. Dr. Ling has given numerous presentations at local educational and fundraising events, and has been featured in the Democrat & Chronicle and Rochester Woman Magazine. She has been a Board Member of SIS since its inception. She resides in Pittsford with her husband Dr. Leway Chen, a cardiologist, and their three children.


Dr. James Peacock  Board Member


Profession: Dr. James Peacock, MD, General Surgery Specialist and Associate Professor of Surgery and Oncology, University of Rochester Medical Center

Why I Support SIS: SIS is a charitable cause to which I am closely connected through my profession. SIS has a focused scope, an important mission, and a regional reach. In my surgical career, I have had a deep concern for how my breast cancer patients are coping through treatments. I personally have reviewed grant applications that have come through, and the stories are so moving, and the patients are so in need financially. I love our loyal donors and the personality and collegiality of the board. We are a small board and we can make ideas come to fruition. He and his wife, Lisa, have two children and three grandchildren. 



Hamidah (Idah) Mansor  Board Member

Profession: Retired Business Manager

Why I Support SIS: As I went through my breast cancer treatment in 2016 and 2017, I understand how difficult a medical diagnosis can overwhelm a family life. Cancer can happen to anyone, without regard to wealth or age or where you are from. I want to give support to those who are indeed of financial help while going through the cancer treatment process. My goal is to help SIS become bigger to help all cancer patients in financial need. I retired from Xerox Corp at the end of 2015. My hobby includes gardening and hiking. I love to travel with my husband, and enjoy spending time with our two sons and their families.

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